Lawn Dressing The compost is screened to a fine lawn dressing that feeds essential minerals to your lawn, creating a lush green carpet you’ll be proud of.

Firewood URBAN FOREST provides year round, exotic hard wood for the purpose of burning. This contributes to the alien eradication programme endorsed by WORKING FOR WATER to help save our indigenous species from the invasion of alien trees. Our wood is cut to size, split and dried for easy use. The specific requirements of the oven wood burner (Morso etc.) have been considered in the processing of our firewood.

Mulch Nature’s Forest Floor.
• Our wood chip mulch encourages growth.
• Reduces water consumption by up to 50%.
• Regulates soil temperature and slowly fertilizes your plants.
• A must for all flower beds

Bio Stimulants Specializing in organic bio stimulants for all plants and trees. We can supply numerous products for your garden or landscape needs. For more information, contact our office.