Tree Maintenance We specialize in all areas of tree care, including thinning, cleaning, dead wooding, pruning and crown reductions.

Tree Felling Sadly for safety and urban development we sometimes have to fell trees. We are equipped to handle all your tree removals.

Tree Planting Our experts will be happy to assist in the selection and the planting of trees and shrubs in your garden.

Disease Treatment We lead the field in the identification of tree disease and offer effective solutions with safe and environmentally friendly products

Consultations Our certified arborist and consultants are actively involved in consultations and lecturing to promote and encourage correct tree care practices.

Bio Stimulation We use the most advanced arboriculture products to either enhance growth or remedy tree problems..

Cabling & Bracing It is often necessary to cable falling trees. For aesthetics and safety we can brace weak or badly attached branches.

Lightning Protection The high incidence of lightning strikes in the highveld necessitates the installation of lightning protection system into either feature tress or tall trees close to dwellings

Stump Grinding Unwanted and ugly tree stumps can be ground down to below ground level.

Tree Appraisal and/or Consultations By Certified Arborists URBAN FOREST’S primary concern is the care and maintenance of trees. In an urban environment like Johannesburg, the conditions that we create are not always conducive to the optimum health and development of trees. Although Johannesburg is the largest man made forest on the planet, many of the trees planted are not planted with a long term vision in mind, that is why we strongly advocate the use of a trained ARBORIST when planning, planting and maintaining a garden